Here are the steps.

STEP 1: Talk to Sir Vant. He will welcome you to the world of Runescape and tell you about his dragon slaying. You must do some tasks that he will explain to you.

STEP 2: Take Sir Vant's Squire's armour after he dies and equip it.

STEP 3:Kill the goblin. Sir Vant will be very grateful that you saved his supplies.

STEP 4: Build a ramp over the low wall with the plank you will see lying about.

STEP 5: Search Sir Vant's bag for the drugged meat, and then climb over the low wall, whilst Sir Vant draws the dragon's attention.

'STEP 6: Walk through the room beyond the wall and turn left into the first nook'. Use the meat on the food bowl and go back to Sir Vant over the wall.

STEP 7: Search Sir Vant's bag for an oilcan, cloth, two tinderboxes and two fuses'. The dragon should be sleeping by this time.

STEP 8: Rip the cloth in half, use the oilcan on both halfs and tie one half about each of the pillars Sir Vant indicates.

STEP 9: Use a fuse on each pillar and use one tinderbox on Sir Vant.

'STEP 10: 'Use a fuse on each pillar and use one tinderbox on Sir Vant.

'STEP 11: Talk to Roddeck to tell you how escape from the cellar'. You can choose to mine or woodcut your way free.

STEP 12: Leave the cellar via the newly accessible ladder'. Congratulations! You just completed your first RuneScape quest, called "Unstable Foundations"!

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